Sunday, January 30, 2011

The rabbit, works and the carrot.

It's been a year [T_T ] since my last post and it feels great. It shows you how dedicated I am to blogging. Haha!!

Obviously there's nothing much to write about (or not much time to be honest) once you've devoted your time and effort to the company you work with. But I should stop complaining, because they pay me. And in corporate vocabulary, pay means 'own'. So as long as you're consciously taking the pay, there's nothing much you can do except to receive instruction and EXECUTE (I sometime wonder if this is why they call us executive. EXECUT-ive. Got it?)

Works aside, Chinese New Year is approaching. It's gonna be the year of the rabbit and so here it goes. Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating it! And hopefully we'll become more diplomatic and calm in dealing with any situation like the rabbit does. And also, exhibit that innocent look of the rabbit everywhere you go and you'll receive love. Those with rabbit teeth will do exceptionally well and accomplish more this year....................
just kidding!

Excuse the carrot because it has no zodiac relevancy whatsoever

Friday, January 01, 2010

When age is NOT just any number.

It’s the end of the 2009; fortunately it’s not yet the end of the world (God-willing). New Year is here but there’s nothing new about New Year when we talk about growing old. Scrap that, I mean, growing up.

Unlike the good charm 2010 may offer, there’s nothing charming about being another year older. The future seems to offer dread, emotional stress and blissful denial to every living human being in his/her early-twenties. That is, of course, if you are the sort to freak out about being another year older, like I am.

Sure, I – in my early twenties am a little too young to be worrying about wrinkles (though an unsettling amount of people have tried to convince me "Awak nampak muda".) I believe that for a lot of us, it is not the growing old that we fear, but growing up.

Growing up is definitely not fun when it comes to being an adult especially being a responsible one. Of course, becoming a selfish adult would be the preferred choice to many when our time and wealth are not obligatory bound to other people (i.e. parents, spouse & family). That way, every possible personal desire such as luxury cars, high rise condos, ridiculously expensive gadgets and excessive overseas trips can be simply realized without sense of guilt of running away from increasing commitments as we grow older year by year. But in reality, whether we like it or not, we are defined as adults by our age, which increases over time. And by adults, I mean the responsible ones. As we speak, we’re aging and adulthood is something that we certainly can’t avoid.

Accepting adulthood means accepting responsibility and commitments. The question is, when is the time you know you’ve become an adult? I’m pretty sure girls my age and women alike can answer that with less hesitation (because they somehow had become so serious, grumpy & matured at very early age, some even acting like my mom back in primary school - Don’t smack me ), but to guys, really, when is the right time that we should consider ourselves adults? Is it when we hit puberty or when we turned 18? (which is the lawful age you are allowed access to almost everything in this country) or is it soon after we got married? I don’t know, and quite possibly you don’t as well. Or is becoming an adult something that we can decide on? If it is, when is the right time then?

People would say, “So what if you’ve become an adult? Not a big deal.” Probably, it is not. But it all depends on values in our society in general, family to be exact. Worse (or better), if your family has, how should I put this, emm, conservative, values? Anyway, because of these values, whether we like it or not, we are judged by how well we perform as adults by, say, our financial management skills, our career climb, our ability to provide for the family, and our ability to make sensible decision. In other words, to be a successful adult, we need to have some amount of wisdom. Unfortunately, wisdom, like bank accounts, doesn’t automatically increase with age. Well, growing up doesn’t sound that appealing does it?

Simply put, our age increases each year, which also raises others’ expectations towards our maturity, but our inner self may still be young, clueless, and really just wants to play PS2 all day.

Our parents, teachers, senior staffs, aunts & uncles are showing by example that being a grown-up means you have to be practical, stop being silly, cover your own ass, be nice to people you like or you don’t like, and make money like mad “because you’ve got no-choice”. But all those attributes are exactly what give people like me the impression that growing up is a troublesome and unpleasant process. Knowing one after another of your peers getting married and settling down in their early twenties doesn’t help either to reduce the stress of not doing the same – Yup, “You should be getting married because most of you peers already did” is the unwritten law usually observed by most of our parents and close relatives = our society in general. Demmit!

I can still remember back then, when I was in primary school, when the pressure was much less, the laughter was abundant, and the only things to worry about were to get your homework done and to apply wet chalk all over your shoes so they would appear bright white. Funnily, I remember myself dying to grow up when I was younger. Back then, being an adult meant being free and independent. I would no longer be subject to school uniforms, nor my teacher’s cane. I would be able to decide on my own bed time, the television programme that I can watch, the subjects that I study, and the time I want to come home. When you’re young, you just can’t wait to grow older; adulthood would surely save you from endless tuition lessons, sekolah agama evening session, the many reprimands that seem to spring up from all sides, and other traumatic episodes a child has to go through – from infancy to teenhood and adolescence – compliments from parents, teachers, hurtful friends and the like. Then you start growing up and feel the real pressure of life. Suddenly, you just want to be a kid again. By that time, you will realize you’re almost 40. That would be pretty messed up.

Sure, a lot of things are simpler when you’re a kid. However, kids are also mostly bewildered at the life already decided for them, laden with all subjects’ tuition, and suffocated by the amount of rules they have to follow “Because I Said So”.

So, how did our reactions to adulthood change from yeay to yikes? Perhaps it is because we romanticize our younger days by the pressure we face, and childhood seems wonderful because we had so much less to deal with. We may laugh at those silly little concerns, like SPM, and bullies, but they were really, truly huge issues at the time. Similarly, when we are older (and hopefully wiser) we may also laugh at what trouble us today. And we could laugh because we have moved on, and not because we held on.

Growing up is not that bad, once we realize that we do not have to be the adult we see, nor the adult we are raised to be. After all what fun is being an adult if we can’t make a bit of our own rules?

p/s: It would be nice if I could have a collection of Mutiara Naga comic series (from 1-42) for my birthday this year (am not a beggar). Fhm2 je la klw dh terbace nih...x mahal. Setakat RM 100 lebih, klw ade 10 org, bru sorg 10 hengget.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


For the sake of updating,

Inspire me somebody...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God Damn Zionist

It was again a terrible time for Gaza.

It has been 6 decades and the cursed Zionist (read Israelis/Jews) won't stop from doing what they do best; Killing human race except of their own. It's no longer a secret that this sick and old 'I am holier than thou' dogma plays a major part in shaping the mind of those Israelis and thus leads to this unfortunate events. This belief is manifested into daily words and habits and thus the use of the word 'gentiles' has become common among the Jews and they are not ashame to say it to the Chrisitans and Moslems. And old habits die hard. The way Jews treat the Palestinians came as no surprise. But the forefathers of this so-called selected ppl argued tht everything they did; from the act of terror, to the closing of the borders; was merely to protect themselves.

I ask them; from what?

For giving up 80% of their land to allow Jew settlements, Palestinians were killed last night.

For having to endure over 60 years of pains and sufferings from the Zionist, Palestinians were denied from having access to tertiary education, denied from establishing regular prayers when they torn down the university and the mosque in the recent attack.

Sape yg kne protect skg nih?? Klw nk bunuh, bunuh je la askar2 hamas. Jgn la bunuh mak org, anak org. Dasar Yahudi Laknat!!

While we come to common term that it was Hamas who called off the gencatan senjata, and Israelis have all the right to call for retaliation, then again the degree of the counterattack can't be tolerated at any rate. How can you call tht a fair fight?

But to be honest, I don't blame Hamas for having launched the first attack. What do you expect? They are being oppressed and oppressed ppl obviously will be induced to such act.

If you don't agree with me, fine. But let's just set the record straight.

The price that Palestinians have to pay for solving the Jew problems in Europe 6 decades ago is by sacrificing their daughters, sons, mothers, grandmothers so that there'll be enough room for Jews to come into Palestine. There I said it. How does that sound to you? It's pretty messed up right?

And they (the Jews), these little community, keep coming back saying all they wanted to do is to protect themselves.

Now u see the problem with this Zionist? And all the Jews are wondering why the whole world is against them. Duh!

p/s: It was once said that Zionist will never get a piece of land that they can surely call "It's ours" until it is the last hours. Let's just wait and see....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's not Paranormal

The worldwide economic slump that is. It's official. The recession is here to stay...

It took me several months to figure this out, despite the countless news reports that have been circulating around the net, repeatedly broadcast on the telly and posted in the local press. And this global panic has been around since my concluding days back in UTP, but it didn't grab my attention then, partly because of the monthly allowance from my dearest sponsor (thanks PET for that), which by the way had paid for my extravagant expenses. For that reason, no surprise, it didn't affect all.

But it was not until now that I realize I'm increasingly affected by this whole stuff.

Sure, the remaining bonded students are expecting the structured interview to be conducted in January, as informed. But I guess, judging from the situation that we're in now, people are getting worried. All over, people are telling me that they expect job placement in PET would be tough. And I'm telling you, it would.

It took me a great deal of work to dig into this whole thing; Already, PET is transfering ppl from upstream activites, which hold excessive staffs now, to the downstream operations, which to date, offer significant number of job placement. In other words, recruiting new talent isn't their main focus as far as the mngmnt is concerned. It looks like chances are slim to secure the post as an entry level engineer even. Plus with all the petchem plants that had suspended their production, it all adds to the sense of 'aih....'

I was even told by certain someone that they even restructured the performance evaluation among the staffs, again. They are going to rate 10% of the workers, which is a huge increase from previous one, as underperformed who will consequently be, you know, fired, if the staffs are not improving! Sounds like they want to reduce ppl in a very polite way..

And that is just the beginning. Should I remind you that I'm not speculating here ye. So, just cross your fingers and hope for the best. No one should be blamed for this. You know, like what they say, Shit happens. But if you're desperately seeking someone to be held responsible over the whole situation, you can just put the biggest blame on Bush and his greedy bankers. If you're wondering why, go figurelah.

Yes this great slump isn't something that we consider as paranormal, since we all know what happened, and it's not even mystical in nature, how the whole world has got into this big mess.

But there's one thing that is and forever will be classified as paranormal;


I'm talking about aliens as in aliens from outer space. Not the aliens as in refugees or illegal immigrants ye.

We are normally being fed by aliens stories and fictions that give the impression they are indeed intelligent and wise being. Some are vicious and some are diplomatic in nature. But no one knows this;

Aliens are indecisive.

X percaye? Now imagine an alien came over the earth from nowhere. It met some humans and told them that it came to destroy earth since the alien's so-called intelligence dictated that human beings must be killed to restore earth to its initial state. And so the alien started to destroy the earth and already killing millions of ppl. The alien was half-way destroying the entire world when suddenly it decided to stop. All because the alien was made realized, by a 5-minute chit-chat with a professor it met days ago at some countryside residence, that it had wrongly judged human being. The end. That's pretty much it. What do you think if this is made into a film? I guess you must have guessed it right by now. Huhu..

It'll become The Day the Earth Stood Still

Movie yg plg x berbaloi aku tgk this year (<---pulangkan blk duit aku cess!!). Cter Bdk Kelantan pn lg bes. Seriously. Imagine, at first you kill ppl then you destroy buildings and all, and at one time you want to stop. Simply because you thought you made the wrong decision. wtf! It's like M'sia going to war against Singapore and killed all the innocent citizens there, while half way crushing S'pore, M'sia decided to stop since the govt just realized that the country that M'sia should fight against in the first place was Indonesia. Haha!! Kn cm bodo sgt. You killed the wrong people for the wrong reason. Aih...rugi RM 10 hengget aku.