Sunday, January 30, 2011

The rabbit, works and the carrot.

It's been a year [T_T ] since my last post and it feels great. It shows you how dedicated I am to blogging. Haha!!

Obviously there's nothing much to write about (or not much time to be honest) once you've devoted your time and effort to the company you work with. But I should stop complaining, because they pay me. And in corporate vocabulary, pay means 'own'. So as long as you're consciously taking the pay, there's nothing much you can do except to receive instruction and EXECUTE (I sometime wonder if this is why they call us executive. EXECUT-ive. Got it?)

Works aside, Chinese New Year is approaching. It's gonna be the year of the rabbit and so here it goes. Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating it! And hopefully we'll become more diplomatic and calm in dealing with any situation like the rabbit does. And also, exhibit that innocent look of the rabbit everywhere you go and you'll receive love. Those with rabbit teeth will do exceptionally well and accomplish more this year....................
just kidding!

Excuse the carrot because it has no zodiac relevancy whatsoever


Anep said...

baru perasan, setaun satu post ea? huhu

Jcelyn said... in a bunny costume! I'd love to pair my nephew up.